What To Expect:

At your first visit, Dr. Carlson will perform a complete examination. This will include:

  • A Periodontal Screening for Gum Disease.
  • An Oral Cancer / Head and Neck Exam.
  • A Complete Mouth Set of X-rays using our new more Comfortable and Safer Technology.
  • A Comprehensive Oral Evaluation along with a Professional Teeth Cleaning.

It is important to have a set of full mouth X-rays taken every five years. If you had these X-rays taken at another office within that time frame, our Receptionist can advise you on how to have your previous records transferred to our office. These X-rays are essential because they are used to find conditions such as cysts, tumors, gum disease or abscesses that exist in the bone surrounding your teeth. They also assist us in determining the health of your teeth as well as the tissue surrounding them and can be used as a comparison for the future if any problems should arise.

During your appointment, Dr. Carlson will also want to discuss your concerns and answer your questions. Should you need a follow-up appointment, our Receptionist will help you schedule a convenient appointment for you.

If the new patient is a child, please let our Receptionist know prior to their appointment. We believe that a positive association with the dentist is crucial to your child’s oral health. As a result, we strive to ensure that our young patients are comfortable in the dental chair and that they know what to expect during their treatment. Please feel free to share with your child our “Child Story” link that is attached below. It is a story through the eyes of a young girl coming to our office for her first Dental visit. Your child will be able to see many pictures of Dr. Carlson, our office and learn about what their experience will be like at their own visit.